About Us

More than 20 years of transforming industries
to the digital economy

Founded in 2001, Infosoft Consulting Corporation has established vast experience and has proven to be a reliable and trusted partner. Over the years, we continue to serve more than 200 corporations and various industries through our industry-specific solutions while assisting mid-market to large organizations to thrive in their pursuit of digital transformation.


In 2019 we merged into Infosoft Consulting Corporation. At the root of that merger, we wanted to solve broad, yet specific business challenges faced by companies from various industries. We analyzed our market and realized that most of our customers belong to a group of companies or have very vertically integrated operations that seem to be multiple companies in one.


Digitally transforming one company is not easy, but digitally transforming a group of companies to collaborate and operate well together is an even more significant challenge.

Why Infosoft

We Understand You

Our experience partnering with various industries can provide valuable insight in helping you identify your current problems and formulate key solutions that will drive your organization towards successful digital transformation.

We Have The Expertise

With more than two decades of expertise in providing industry-specific solutions, this enables our partners to succeed in their digital pursuits.

We Have The Solutions Specific to Your Industry

We provide the most effective solutions on cross-Industry for horizontally and vertically integrated companies.


Awards and Certified Partnerships


 We receive this certification based on the service Satisfaction that we offer to our clients.


Infosoft is proud to be a Gold Partner of Acumatica

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We choose our employees carefully; we nurture them to build their careers, continue to hone their talents, and offer a conducive working environment that will allow them to grow

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