Beyond the Blocks: Redefining Real Estate Property Management

September 30, 2022

RED - Property Management

Collection from meter reading, monthly to annual dues, building maintenance, and handling finances are time-consuming in property management. Property managers need access to accurate, real-time information to streamline these processes as it can dictate the entire success of the real estate business. Acumatica with Real Estate Dimensions (RED) is a vertical solution custom-built for property managers, developers, and contractors. Its property management feature allows property owners to control every aspect of their business anytime, anywhere, scheduling various critical tasks to be executed accurately and on time.

With the changing times, the real estate market is also evolving. Many property managers use a spreadsheet to manage tenant information. While this can be effective if they have a small number of tenants, this spreadsheet will soon become cluttered and hard to control once they expand. The solution to this issue is to have all the information in one platform, view the data, and find specific tenant information. Acumatica with RED addresses all these concerns as it facilitates the lead-to-rent collection cycle through tenant and lease tracking, automated payment reminders, and on-demand reports.

Equipped with a property management module, it creates a profile for each tenant containing their name, contact information, address, and any other information they need. So, when the time comes to send out reminders, all the information is available. With an automated collection process functionality, property managers can see an increase in their overall efficiency as it decreases the manual tasks resulting in a win-win situation. It includes sending payment reminders to existing tenants using its management platforms and escalations in the event of late payments.

Moreover, as property management involves maintenance in building tenant relationships, Acumatica with RED provides property managers with a comprehensive solution for managing requests and work orders. It allows them to accept maintenance requests straight from a convenient dashboard accessible via their smartphones beneficial to streamlining the real estate business as it is advantageous for both owners and tenants. Consequently, it goes beyond simple reporting and provides users with information to help them make informed decisions.


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