Commissions and Incentives: Breaking Heights for the New Digital Sales Teams

October 13, 2022

RED - Commissions and Incentives

Commissions and incentives motivate sales agents and brokers in the real estate industry to achieve desired revenue. Since it is only due upon the sale of a property, tracking commissions for real estate agents is tedious and may cause delays and inaccuracies. From there, communicating the timeline and how long the process may take is crucial. Acumatica with Real Estate Dimensions (RED) integrated with the commissions and incentives module provides a cloud-based commission management solution that processes incentive payout faster, reducing errors and increasing efficiency for sales teams to succeed.

As the pressure of digitization on sales functions has grown, the real estate industry seeks new approaches to optimize its sales enablement. RED’s commission and incentives module work perfectly in this situation. It allows businesses of any size to meet their requirements of automating commission and incentive management calculations with a customizable program for different commission schemes alongside all the essential data and information needed. Embedded with modernized payout processing, it easily tracks the performance of agents, brokers, and sales teams. Monitors ongoing and incoming sales opportunities and computes the potential earnings to motivate them further. Its intuitive system ensures that incentive allocation is fast and timely.

Moreover, providing an added convenience by automating payouts when a customer reaches a specific percentage payment and provides the final computation to users. Align incentive plans and keep sales teams focused on their goals through access to the overview of the commission, including the date of the sale, percentage, its final amount, and distribution, depending on multiple agents and sales heads.

Acumatica with RED empowers sales teams with a faster and more effective commissions and incentives system designed to reward accordingly, keep their morale high, and motivate them to do their best.


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