Lessons Learned In Building Digital Infrastructure

July 8, 2022

Transform into a digitally resilient business

ERP, or enterprise resource planning, has evolved into a central data repository for businesses in extensive industries. At a recent Infosoft Consulting Corporation event titled “How Digital Transformation Defines the Future of Real Estate,” one can provide the best business management solution to transform into a digitally resilient company and integrate their real estate business with Acumatica with Real Estate Dimensions to achieve corporate goals.

Every business has silos. Each business unit operates independently, and information transfer between departments is challenging. Improper enterprise resource planning will result in lost time, collaboration, and business flexibility. Although ERP can be avaluable business tool for your company’s operations and growth, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. While some businesses can manage their operations with disparate programs, many discover they require a solution that provides superior visibility into their business data, including the reporting tools necessary to define key performance indicators, measure performance, and plant growth. With Acumatica providing the best solution for leveraging digital innovations, businesses can address challenges, adapt to change, and build a customer-centric culture.

The best ERP software integrates business processes such as project management, business analytics, and enterprise CRM software to improve efficiencies, reduce errors, and prevent excess spending. However, many new ERP systems exist on the market, and selecting the best new technology may be a step-by-step process depending on your needs. So, what is the best way to identify ERP software suited for specific needs? Organizations should consider selecting a consulting partner with an industry-specific application that can meet current and future needs on a modern cloud platform.

Acumatica has been at the forefront of the cloud ERP evolution and is a pioneer in best-in-class functionality and superior customer satisfaction for rapidly growing businesses. Though organizations will always require general business capabilities such as accounting and ERP software, the technology underlying these foundational systems has evolved significantly. For instance, real estate development in nature is a complex and multi-disciplinary endeavor, and achieving digital transformation for Asian Conglomerate poses a challenge, given it has vertically integrated operations that must scale to changing demands to increase market share, expand into new markets, and compete. During the Lunch and Learn, we recognized that our audience wanted to meet their challenges with solutions, know where their organization is now, what threats and opportunities lie ahead, and identify minor issues before they become a significant problem.

Infosoft Consulting Corporation has the experience of partnering with various industries that can provide valuable insight in helping them identify their current problems and formulate essential solutions that will drive their organization toward successful digital transformation. In partnership with Acceltech, an Independent Software Vendor with a unique combination of technology know-how, market knowledge, and experience, vertical solutions were developed within Acumatica to address the missing front office functionality. It is built natively so that the product module only runs within the Acumatica platform as if they were one system, enabling modern sales-driven organizations.

Given the complexity of the real estate industry, Acumatica Cloud ERP with Real Estate Dimensions (RED) provides the best enterprise management solution for transforming real estate development to thrive in a customer-centric and profit-driven digital economy. An industry-specific solution ensures project costs are on time and budget, sales are generated, marketing activities are optimized, credit and collections are efficient, properties are well managed, and customer experience is best in class. Businesses can gain actionable insights by leveraging modern technology and adaptive business applications to drive efficiency, improve customer service, fend off competition, and stay fiscally solvent with vertical solutions.

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