Minimizing Risks and Increase Success

in Financing Business

September 1, 2022


Financial institutions rely on and thrive on accurate data. It is vital to detect any overlaps from the available data and eliminate them as it significantly impacts the quality of financial analysis reports, causing additional accounting issues, including tax complications. Acumatica with Financing Dimensions (FIND), embedded with ROPOA, is the perfect technology for these financial systems set-ups allowing financial institutions to gain relevant business data by tracking and monitoring incoming and outgoing funds to drive business growth and establish effective control.

With the multitude of financial transactions that occurs daily, vulnerabilities happen. Many financial institutions must adapt to the most recent security and technology. Since financial data is highly confidential, it should be free from fraudulent transactions. Developed inside of cloud-based access allowing businesses to integrate their applications and decision needs into one place, Acumatica with FIND streamline finance-related tasks with minimal human intervention resulting in the smooth flow of the business process.

One of the modules included in Financing Dimensions is the ROPOA. It helps financial institutions manage risks for accounts that have been delinquent for a long time. Providing detailed visibility when the redemption days have lapsed or the customer declares they can no longer pay for the redemption. The company has an option to repossess the property used as collateral and convert it into assets or inventory. Acumatica with FIND provides accurate and timely information critical to keeping the process well-organized and maintaining appropriate financial measures.

Every business must plan for its capital requirements and manage cash actively as it provides a clearer picture of its financial situation. Through ROPOA, financial institutions can maintain a complete audit trail of all financing transactions and simplify complex financial management requirements efficiently. Acumatica with FIND assists financial institutions in saving time and money and improving the quality of their services. It is ready to revolutionize operations for financing businesses seeking to improve their overall business environment.


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