Revolutionizing Business Strategy with the Right Technology

July 21, 2022

Revolutionize Business Strategy with Vertical Solutions

Nothing restricts progress more than a technology platform that falls short of expectations. Unfortunately, many businesses spend months carefully implementing an ERP platform only to discover its incapability to support long-term growth.

Companies jeopardize long-term profitability when they cannot control expenses efficiently, connect processes, or continuously optimize operations. ERP platforms must be able to rapidly integrate new business entities and applications while strengthening security to enable ongoing profitability. Employees in rapidly-scaling businesses often juggle multiple responsibilities and must navigate different systems to complete daily tasks and access information. Consequently, they struggle to fit specialized requirements into an inflexible, dependent platform.

Companies must remain agile to respond to changing customer demands and intense global competition. Adding new technologies gives business leaders flex their business model as long as they can integrate new business applications and hardware into a centralized platform efficiently. Connecting disparate applications, streamlining operations, minimizing complexity, and fueling long-term growth are digital transformation goals. Meeting these goals requires building a connected enterprise through rapid integrations which reside on Acumatica’s modern ERP platform.

Acumatica provides the specialized integrations and embedded functionality required to digitize operations, as well as the flexibility to adapt processes to meet the needs of individual businesses. Having a completely integrated ERP and CRM solution that can deploy on-premises or in the cloud, businesses also benefit from its unlimited users without per-user fees. Given this situation, firms can expand their global footprint without going overboard. As a result, they can use real-time data across their global enterprise to generate on-demand reports, robust business intelligence, and role-based dashboards that monitor ongoing business results, identify trends, and address problems proactively.

With Acumatica empowering companies with the flexibility to extend their ERP platform, vertical solutions are developed within it to address all of the missing front office functionality. These vertical solutions define business processes particular to a specific industry that intends to serve users with specific job responsibilities. It is built natively that the product module only runs within the Acumatica platform as if they were one system, enabling modern sales-driven organizations to leverage digital innovations to address challenges, adapt to change, and build a customer-centric culture.

Rather than having plenty of generic features, these solutions are so focused on solving specific business challenges that they reduce the need for customization, increase the return on investment after ERP implementation and streamline business processes with templated reporting, accelerated workflows, and built-in APIs.

When implementing these vertical solutions, Infosoft Consulting Corporation (ICC) employs solution experts familiar with the terminology, business methods, economic climate, and compliance requirements common to specific industries, incorporating critical features into the software and implementation process. Since requirements vary considerably, key functionalities are advanced to meet the needs of the industry, providing increases in speed, efficiency, and relevancy in creating a distinct advantage over competitors.

ICC is well-versed in industry regulatory changes and trends, ensuring that ERP software processes and functionalities are up to date, assisting companies in pursuit of digital transformation to streamline end-to-end operations and prepare for future challenges. Furthermore, implementation experience with other companies in the industry enables the customer input to improve ERP system processes that provide industry knowledge and expertise, time and cost savings, and functionality specific to their industry. Their company can grow in a regulated market by implementing a vertical-specific ERP solution.


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