The New Digital Infrastructure: A Primer in Property Sales

September 16, 2022

RED - Property Sales

Many real estate companies struggle with capital adequacy issues as property costs constantly change due to market fluctuations. While some decided to offer discounts on ongoing property deals, others facilitated customer finances to meet their paying capacity. However, these activities should aim to build a new digital infrastructure that allows property sales to meet every customer’s needs. Acumatica with Real Estate Dimensions (RED) is a vertical solution designed to meet the needs of contractors, developers, and construction businesses to thrive in a customer-centric and profit-driven digital economy.

Automated sales processes achieved optimum results. Typically, a team member gathers leads from their sources and forwards them to sales representatives or agents. With an integrated CRM, sales teams can easily seize every opportunity by logging in all potential customer leads and information using standard customer management protocols. Moreover, RED accelerates the sales process through its property sales module, which quickly provides customers with flexible financing computation and term options, conversion of reservations into sales contracts, and a complete table of periodic equity and loan payments.

Built on Acumatica’s future-proof cloud platform, RED has a real end-to-end integration for the entire real estate operations. Realtors and property managers can increase tenant onboarding efficiency by automating the new customer requests, property and contract terms, and managing applicant approval or disapproval. Equipped with a document detailed payment history, property owners can manage risks and provide flexible due dates to ensure buyer’s compliance. Consequently, streamlining the delivery of property buyers in elevating the customer experience.


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