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AGRID - Poultry Operations

Achieving Smart Poultry Farm Operations in the Cloud

Poultry farm operations are an interconnected practice essential to growing and breeding chickens. It involves ...
FIND - Loans Payable

Achieving Financial Makeover with Loans Payable Management

Paper trails and manual efforts have historically dominated every back office. For instance, finance departments ...
RED - Commissions and Incentives

Commissions and Incentives: Breaking Heights for the New Digital Sales Teams

Commissions and incentives motivate sales agents and brokers in the real estate industry to achieve ...
RED - Property Financing

Closing the Real Estate Pipelines with Simplified Property Financing

As the goal for any real estate is to close the sale, it must be ...
RED - Property Management

Beyond the Blocks: Redefining Real Estate Property Management

Property managers need access to accurate, real-time information to streamline these processes as it can ...
RED - Property Sales

The New Digital Infrastructure: A Primer in Property Sales

Many real estate companies struggle with capital adequacy issues as property costs constantly change due ...