Thru years of experience and field-tested best practices, we have developed a unique standardized consulting approach merged with the waterfall project methodology framework recommended by Microsoft.

Infosoft believes that a formula of comprehensive documentation plus frequent dialogue between core team members throughout the implementation process ensures immediate proficiency and successful execution.

Our consultants will:

  • Assist you in developing the most suitable IT systems and infrastructure by analyzing your business structure and processes.
  • Work with you throughout the implementation phase to make sure you maximize your investments, as well as provide follow-up service and future planning assistance.
  • Provide scheduled training to enable you to successfully maximize and fully integrate your new system.

Our consultants follow the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology, which guarantees comprehensive engagement throughout all phases:

  • The diagnostic phase: An analysis of our clients’ systems, and the development of an implementation plan.
  • The analysis phase: An in-depth examination of our clients’ business procedures.
  • The design phase: Identifying the best software solution for our clients’ business
  • The development phase: Targeted software development and data migration.
  • The deployment phase: Software configuration, installation, and testing.
  • The operational phase: Optimization and upgrading.