Jet Reports

Microsoft Dynamics Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool for AX, NAV & GP.

Fast. Accurate. Anywhere.


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Get Accurate Reports Faster and Cut Costs by Up to 50%. Powerful Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions seamlessly built for Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and GP.

Jet Reports provides robust, easy-to-use reporting and Business Intelligence solutions that empower business users across the globe to make informed decisions. Join over 100,000 users worldwide for immediate ROI. Incredibly easy to implement with global support you can rely on.

Simplify and speed up your report creation, whether you're a spreadsheet expert, or new to the business report world, Jet Reports can help streamline your report creation process, make reports more interactive, increase usability, tailor reports for your audience, and prevent unwanted spreadsheet errors.

Why Jet Reports?


Immediate Access Inside of Excel

Jet Reports runs directly inside the most widely-used analysis tool in the world.

Create financial and business reports using the same fields and calculations you're used to, with real-time data directly from your Microsoft Dynamics database. No exporting, re-keying, reformatting or copying & pasting. Simply all the data you need - exactly the way you want it.

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The Right Reports at Your Fingertips

Easy access to data thanks to self-service reporting.

No more waiting on someone else to create or run reports for you. Jet Reports empowers you to explore data and create or modify your own reports without any special programming skills.

Jet Reports Philippines

Get Reports Automagically

Automate reporting tasks that used to take hours or days.

Schedule reports to automatically run and distribute on a regular interval - daily, weekly or monthly. You can also trigger reports to send based on set alerts (did the budget get exceeded?). Tailor reports to your needs, save your scheduled tasks, then sit back and relax while Jet Reports does the work for you. Like magic!

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