LS NAV Hospitality is an integrated, multilingual POS and back-office solution for hospitality organizations worldwide. It provides management and employees with the necessary tools to keep the customers satisfied, thereby ensuring repeat business. With increased flexibility, speed of service and improved access to vital information, LS NAV Hospitality streamlines operations and reduces cost. 



Recipes can be the central item unit of the restaurant. Recipes are a collection of ingredients and/or other recipes and additional items with quantities that make up one portion. With LS NAV Hospitality you can effectively manage your recipes. With recipe management you can:

  • Use grouping by main ingredient, style and category
  • Register the recipe quantities for each ingredient in any unit of measure while the program takes care of calculating the quantity in the recipe base unit of measure
  • Register additional items, such as utensils and trays
  • Register the quantities of the recipe ingredients for a set number of portions, letting the program calculate the quantities for one portion
  • Copy a recipe and change its size at the same time
  • Use sets of different ingredients temporarily and then go back to the normal recipe by maintaining recipe versions


You can base your item and recipe pricing on order types. You can for example let soda have a restaurant price, a bar price and a takeout price. You can also set up offers that depend on whether the items are being sold from the restaurant, bar or as takeout. You can also base your pricing on menus. The pricing then depends on whether the items are for example sold from the lunch menu, the dinner menu or the weekend menu. 

Adding Item Modifiers and Excluding Ingredients

You can build a list of items that can be added to recipes on the POS, that is, item modifiers. You can group lists together so that the system displays multiple lists in one window, such as sauce toppings, meat toppings and vegetable toppings. You can let the system display item modifiers automatically when you select a certain recipe. You can also require a button to be pressed. Item modifiers can be assigned to recipes, product groups and item categories. They can apply only to specific units of measure and order types.

You can let a recipe allow a certain number of items to be added free of charge. You can set a specific price for item modifiers and base the price on a specific unit of measure. You can also display recipe ingredients on the POS to exclude items from the ingredient list. You can control whether ingredients can be excluded and whether the price for the recipe reduces or not on exclusion.