As we grow on our business engagements, we hope not to deviate from our corporate social responsibility. Infosoft reaches out to the community with different programs and activities aimed to meet their needs, share know how, and have fun while serving. As an organization, we have been blessed, and we are now in the position to share as a company and as individuals. We partner with key organizations to make an even greater impact to the community.

L-earning E-ducation A-ccess R-ecource N-earning I-nformation T-echnology

Infosoft Learn IT is a program that strives to invest in the future generation by simply giving the tool and the opportunity to learn about the basics of IT within our nearby communities. We are targeting our efforts in achieving outcomes that make real impact to the community.

Through this, Infosoft helps to enable children from chosen public schools to gain basic knowledge and skills about computers and how to operate them. With the Rotary Club of Greenhills since 2009, Infosoft focused on training the Grades 4-6 students of Nicanor Ibuna Elementary School San Juan who have interest in learning the basic concepts of computer and have minimal exposure to them.

Infosoft Learn IT aims to convey its three main objectives; 1. To Troubleshoot 2. To Develop 3. To Teach.

The first objective is to troubleshoot, wherein our technical team repairs and restores non-working computer units of the school.

Second is to develop as we prepare course outline, research and training materials.

And lastly, to teach as we prepare motivational and interactive activities for the four-week session and conduct measures of learning.

Infosoft and the Rotary Club of Greenhills would like to inspire. If through this program we are able to sow a seed of ambition to a child who would one day hope to become an excellent IT professional, then we would have made a difference to that child's life. This is our journey and we will continue to measure our progress.