Financial insights at your fingertips

Finance leaders must have 24/7 access to the accurate, real-time information to analyze and report on the financial health of the organization, with simple-to-use tools that speed the process.

ERP Solutions for Finance Leaders

Streamline your
financial management

CFO, VP of Finance, Controller, Treasurer, Bookkeeper

Financial leads are responsible for the holistic financial health of their organizations. They need a financial management system that delivers both visibility and efficiency to ensure that invoices are paid, payroll is met, accounts and loans are in order, financial statements are accurate, budgets are prepared, and books get closed fast—every time.


Key KPIs for Finance Leaders to Monitor

Revenue goals

Profitability goals

Return on Assets (Equity)

Asset Productivity (Throughput)

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Quality & Timeliness of Reports Produced(Income Statement, Balance Sheets, Departmental and Project Performance, etc.)

Time to Close Your Books

Financial Report Restatement Rate

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Acumatica Key Benefits For Finance Leaders

Make financially-informed decisions

  • Increase insight and analytic capabilities.
  • Implement companywide finance and accounting processes and systems.
  • Access reports and dashboards that offer a real-time view of current and future business performance and trends.
  • Bring all your data together to be analyzed with best-in-class business intelligence tools.
  • Identify problem areas in the sales cycles where prospects abandon the sale.

Increase productivity and reduce costs

  • Use cloud-based ERP to drive a single version of the truth and lower IT costs.
  • Utilize Web-based financial consolidations.
  • Post only once with intercompany accounting.
  • Because Acumatica has no limit on the number of users, you can avoid mistakes and time delays by allowing all users to access the system to enter data and inquire directly.
  • Leverage AI/ML to automate processes such as AP document creation and importing expense reports

Provide accurate and auditable financial records

  • Leverage Acumatica’s integrated accounting, operations, and CRM to track all company transactions.
  • Ensure regulatory and audit compliance with Acumatica’s financial management functions. Accounting functions include:
    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
    • Payroll management
    • Tax management
    • Multi-entity and Intercompany Accounting
    • Currency Management
    • Cash management
    • Deferred Revenue Accounting
    • Recurring Revenue Management
    • Fixed Assets
    • Time Management
    • Advanced Expense Management
    • Bank Feeds
    • Project Accounting
  • Take advantage of 250 out-of-the-box reports, customize your reports without coding, and use generic inquiries to query any data elements in the system – even user-defined fields.
  • Give all companies/entities their books. Use inter-company functionality for consolidations.
  • Ensure all processes have user security and audit trails.

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