The ERP Solutions for Operations Leader

Operations leaders must have real-time visibility into all aspects of the organization, so they can make strategic decisions faster and empower the whole team to keep operations running smoothly. Empower your operations leaders with 24/7 access to business tools and functions. Manage your business, review all customer interactions, and obtain proactive business reports and insights from any web-enabled device. Better, faster, stronger.

ERP Solutions for Operations

Ensure your company is operating at peak efficiency

Supply Chain VP, VP of Operations, VP of Manufacturing, Chief Operations Officer (COO), Field Service Director, VP of Professional Services, VP of Warehouse Operations

Operations leaders are responsible for all operational business processes from start to finish. From equipment staff to suppliers, projects, jobs, and appointments, you strive to increase productivity, lower costs, and improve quality. Empower your team of material planners, schedulers, estimators, warehouse workers, field service technicians, consultants, quality managers, maintenance staff, and laborers with information. Arm your operations leaders with flexible reporting that they can customize without IT assistance and interactive role-based dashboards with drill-downs to underlying transactions to understand real-time what is happening in the business.


Key Benefits for
Operations Leaders

Manufacturing Operations

  • Redesign and automate manufacturing processes through highly configurable workflows.
  • Give everyone in your organization visibility to real-time, accurate manufacturing data and empower them to improve, with no cost for additional users.
  • Streamline data collection for labor and material transactions with barcoding for accurate, real-time data to drive manufacturing decisions.
  • Forecast demand to drive material planning, purchasing, and production schedules.
  • Automate quote to cash and procure to pay processes for improved cash flow and access to working capital.
  • Use the embedded Engineering Change Control application or connect to external CAD or PLM applications to manage complex engineering changes with ease.
  • Prepare for the “Factory of the Future” (w/ IoT) by using Acumatica to make the most of data collected through IoT. Acumatica’s open architecture allows easy custom app integration on your shop floor.

Warehouse Operations

  • Streamline inventory and warehouse processes through highly configurable workflows with or without carts and extensive lot and serial traceability.
  • Empower employees with real-time, accurate inventory data with no costs for additional user licenses.
  • Automate data collection pick, pack, ship, put-away, and inventory transfer transactions with barcoding for accurate, real-time data to drive supply chain decisions.
  • Automate procurement processes with online vendor bidding for requisitions and robust inventory replenishment.
  • Automate quote to cash and procure to pay processes for improved cash flow and access to working capital.

Retail-Commerce Operations

  • Connect point of sale transactions and online commerce sales with your back-office order management system for omnichannel sales, returns, and exchanges.
  • Connect easily with retail hardware, including cash registers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, and credit card terminals.
  • Gain valuable sales insights to drive profits by understanding customer behavior and market trends for better product mix, stocking, and purchasing decisions.
  • Exceed customer expectations with high-quality services, fast and accurate order fulfillment, and online self-service.

Construction Operations

  • Access a 360-degree view of your construction business on a single, cohesive platform.
  • For accounts receivable and payable, manage initial retainage and any changes to streamline invoicing and payments. In addition, retainage tracking is supported for progress billing and time and material billing of projects. Plus, project cost commitments are calculated for retainage in purchase orders.
  • Manage lien waivers and releases, insurance, certificates, and status updates, providing expiration and other alerts to staff and suppliers.
  • Manage projects with integrated field service appointments and flexible contract billing.
  • Manage multiple unions, locals, classes, benefits packages, and complex wages, as well as certified salaries and executive compensation.
  • Confirm details and automatically generate pro forma, progress, and time and material invoices from one screen, including quick billing.
  • Consolidate every document and data point in a holistic application with embedded email, document management, and task management.
  • Capture labor, material, and equipment costs from any device, providing immediate updates to keep project management and accounting in sync.
  • Streamline field management and ensure everyone has the same information with time collection, subcontractor updates, job site visitors, issue and change request tracking, and job site weather updates.

Field Service Operations

  • Allow service staff remote entry for time and service call management.
  • Know your actual costs with integrated project accounting.
  • Give your staff what they need when they need it with collaboration tools they can access from remote sites. For example, staff can access current job orders, previous customer history, product manuals and share best practices.
  • Shorten the time between call receipt and job assignment with Acumatica’s scheduling, dispatching, and call center.
  • Create and manage multiple service schedules per customer.
  • Track warrantied customer and vendor parts with Acumatica’s added inventory management functionality. Establish warranty offers for your customers, specifying which parts are under warranty to avoid confusion, mischarges, and objections.
  • Maintain a real-time view of your department’s activities across all your company’s operations when field service management is fully integrated with CRM, sales, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting.
  • Use Acumatica’s real-time reporting and dashboard analytics to drive insight into all aspects of your department.
  • Give clients access to their information, such as contracts, financial statements, support cases, and more.

Professional Service Operations

  • Access real-time reporting and dashboards to pull together required information to monitor KPIs. Acumatica’s Project Accounting is integrated with other suites to let you drill down and examine details.
  • Know how your department is performing with a real-time, integrated view of:
    • Sales and purchase order management
    • Service and support automation
    • Project cost tracking
    • Time and expense
    • Material requirements
    • Construction and manufacturing jobs
    • And more
  • Gain clarity on your professional services pipeline with Acumatica’s complete solution, including customer and opportunity management.
  • Know resource allocation, project budgets, and deliver dates using Acumatica’s Project Accounting.
  • Track project actuals to help avoid overruns.
  • Gain valuable insights through detailed project-based reporting to help you understand past project profitability, allowing you to adjust accordingly for future work.

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General Metrics

  • Operations Productivity and Efficiency
  • Product/Service Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Product/Service Costs, Revenue, and Profit
  • Sales Analytics by Sales Rep, Product/Service Line, more.
  • Asset/Employee Utilization
  • Marketing Campaign Performance
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Sales Pipeline Health
  • Marketing and Sales Conversions

Manufacturing Metrics

  • Product Development Costs and Time-to-Market
  • Job Cost and WIP Reporting
  • Scrap and Yield Quantities and Costs
  • Manufacturing Labor Efficiency
  • Machine and Resource Throughput
  • Production Schedule Attainment
  • Resource Capacity Utilization
  • Changeover Times
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Sub-Contractor Performance
  • Capable-to-Promise (CTP) %

Distribution Metrics

  • Supplier and Carrier Costs
  • Inventory Turns and Carrying Costs
  • Order Fill and Back Order Rates
  • Supplier and Carrier Performance
  • Picking and Packing Accuracy
  • Order Lead Time and Cycle Times
  • Receiving and Put-Away Cycle Times
  • Transportation Costs
  • Transportation Delivery (SLA)
  • Quote to Cash Cycle Time

Construction Metrics

  • Safety/Incident Rate
  • Request for Information (RFI) Win Rates
  • Job Cost, Revenue, and Profitability
  • Quality Defects, Rework Costs and Time, Number of Inspections
  • Employee Retention
  • Labor Efficiency/Utilization
  • Subcontractor Inventory

Retail Commerce Metrics

  • Gross margins
  • Average transaction value
  • Customer retention
  • Conversion rate
  • Foot traffic and digital traffic
  • Inventory turnover
  • Store sales
  • Returns and Exchanges

Field Service Metrics

  • Time to Schedule
  • Time to First Contact
  • Response Time
  • Issue to Resolution (I2R) time
  • Workload by a technician
  • Technician efficiency
  • Contract Renewal Rates
  • First-Time Resolution Percentage
  • Profitability by Appointment
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Repeat Visits

Professional Service Metrics

  • Average and Realized Bill Rates
  • Employee Utilization/Billable Rate
  • Billable Revenue Per Resource
  • Project Estimate Accuracy
  • Project/Service Revenue, Profitability, Deal Size, and Bid-to-Win Ratios
  • SaaS Contract Metrics (ARR, ACV, Churn, and more)

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