The decision to purchase any system goes beyond the cost of the software package. Equally critical is realizing the returns of, meeting your long term satisfaction from your software investment, as is the quality of service and support of your solution provider -exhibited through the professionalism and competency of its personnel in delivering the solution.

Infosoft as your reliable partner

Established in August 16, 2001, Infosoft International Solutions, Inc. (INFOSOFT) exhibits the dynamism of an energetic, customer-oriented and highly professional workforce. It was founded by a group of IT professionals that have completed numerous projects accumulated through the years that concurrently honed their skills in the implementation of reputable business management solutions.

We are a TIER 1 Microsoft Dynamics and GOLD Certified Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Partner. This means that our software engineers, developers and implementers are certified by Microsoft, not only in deployment and implementation of its business software solutions, but also in the platform of these solutions.

With over 40 years of combined experience, our competencies are in consulting, project management and implementation of supply chain and financial management software, including vertical solutions for retail, construction and project-based operations, human resource and business intelligence.

As an active partner of the Microsoft Dynamics community, we have been consistently recognized by our Principals. INFOSOFT has been inducted several times in the prestigious President's Club, which represents the Top 5 Percent of Microsoft Dynamics Partners Worldwide.